Books for Older Readers + Moby

Thought-Provoking Picture Books:
A Selection of 2017 Titles for Older Readers

“In a culture that measures reading success as a progression from pictures to words, it can seem iconoclastic to select picture books to use with older students, but a roundup of recent titles reveals just how much readers would miss if we heeded that dictum. Wise educators know the value of introducing a unit with a visual narrative—whether it’s found within a single image or a well-chosen book. The images provide a focus, a unifying, common experience of the subject for the class, along with an affective connection and aesthetic pleasure. Short on text and provocative in theme, these picture books are guaranteed to engage students in middle school and beyond.”

Featured titles: Mighty Moby, Her Right Foot, Baby Monkey, Private Eye, Letters to a Prisoner, The Secret Project, Out of Wonder, and Silent Days, Silent Dreams.

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